In my pantry you will find those items that are difficult to find in a regular grocery store.  They are items that give your recipes that something extra and special. 

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Organic Bread Flour

Italian 00 Flour for Pasta

Pastry Flour Blend for perfect pie crusts

Organic All-Purpose flour

Semolina Flour for Pasta and Pizza

Organic Vanilla Extract Madagascar

Fruit and Berry Pie Thickener

Boiled Cider for Baking

Sparkling Sugar

Bakers High Heat Tested Dry Milk

Bulk Yeast for Baking Bread

Cinnamon Chips

Sea Salt Caramel sprinkles

Caramel Syrup

Apple Pie Seasoning

Vanilla Bean Paste

Umami Powder

Organic Medjool Dates

Wondra Flour for Gravy

Pork Broth Cubes

Bagel Everything Seasoning

Diced Dried Fruit Mix

Dried Berries Mix

McKay's Beef Style Broth and Seasoning


Unicorn Sprinkles

Candy Eyeballs

White Candy Melts Candy

12 oz. Bright Pink Candy Melts Candy

Mini marshmallows

Food Coloring

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