How to Keep Deer out of the Garden?

Have you ever planted some really great vegetables in your garden, flowers in your yard or bushes and trees that you really loved?  You tended them with great care and eagerly anticipated the time when the vegetables would be ripe and ready for you to enjoy.  The flowers would burst into bloom and you would pick them, bring them in and enjoy them–maybe even share them with a special friend.  The bushes would be big enough to give you that privacy you so desired.   

Then, one morning you walk out into your vegetable garden to check and see how much longer until those perfectly round tomatoes will be ready to pick.  Much to your dismay, the tomato plants are mowed to the ground.  Your beautiful flowers are also mowed and the privacy bush isn’t going to be giving you any privacy for a few more years.  It looks like someone pruned it with a lawnmower. 

Who could have done this to your beautiful garden?  Putting on your detective hat, you note that between the vegetable patch and the flower garden there are deer droppings.  It’s those pesky deer at it again; eating their way through your lovely yard, sampling the variety of vegetation and mowing the best of it.  Now it’s time to get serious about how to keep deer out of the garden.

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This is one way you can protect your prize tulips and flower beds from those voracious deer.   Not very attractive and picking the flowers is a challenge.  How about an 8-foot tall fence all around the perimeter of your property.  Yes, deer can jump almost 8 feet high.  Now it looks like you are raising convicted felons and not vegetables and flowers.  However, if you have an overly inquisitive neighbor, the fence might be able to do double duty–or you can deploy Farmer Fred’s Deer Deterrent System to keep deer out of the garden.

Once this system is deployed, when the deer steps into the garden, it is hit with a 5-second blast of light and sound.  It will turn around and flee from your smorgasbord of garden goodies.  This system lasts for years, requires very little maintenance and is relatively simple to build and setup. 

How can you get this amazing system?  You will have to make it.  It is another SIS Simple is Smart Tip.  The basic concept is a motion detector with 2 lights attached.  One light receptacle has a light bulb in it and the other has an outlet screwed into it that will allow you to plug in a radio.  The deer is detected by the motion detector causing the light and sound to turn on.  As soon as the light and sound turn on, the deer turns tail and skedaddles. The blast of light and sound are set to stay on for 5 to 10 seconds. 


The radios are placed in a metal box or enclosure to keep them out of the elements.  The deer will be trained away from your property.  If you lose power for a couple of days, your gardens will still be protected.  Once the deer are no longer muching through your gardens you will have time to create some lovely garden art to enjoy.

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