How to Braid a Four-Strand Challah Loaf

How to make four-strand Challah bread: Follow these simple step by step instructions for a beautiful loaf of Challah Bread. Your friends and family will be so impressed.  Use my recipe for Challah Bread (click here) to practice on,  Once you’ve perfected your technique bake the bread and turn it into Challah Bread French Toast. (click here)

How to make four-strand Challah bread: 

I have two granddaughters, so I get plenty of practice in braiding hair. All that practice, though, is for a 3 strand braid. Challah is a four-strand braid or even five-strand braid. I don’t know about you, but the 5 strand is more work than I want to do. So four-strand it is. 

Figure 1
How to make four strand challah bread
Figure 3
how to make four strand challah
Figure 4

How to braid the four-strand Challah bread. 

Make one recipe of my No-Knead Challah Bread. (click here) for recipe.
1. Once the bread has finished rising for 1 1/2 hours, divide the dough into 4 pieces.
2. Roll each piece into a 24-inch log. If you want a thicker loaf, make each strand 18 inches long.
3. Bring the strands together at one end (figure 1), then cross strand 4 over strand 2 (figure 2).
4. Next, cross strand 1 over strand 3(figure 3) and finally cross the center two strands (figure 4).

Challah Braid
Challah Braid
Challah Braid

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the braid is completed. Finish with the center cross.
6. Trim off the ends, (this compresses the ends together)
7. Tuck the trimmed end under.
8. DONE! Yea, you just made four-strand Challah bread!

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